Extreme Hoarder Cleaning

Extreme Hoarder Cleaning

Extreme hoarder cleaning services that give you back control

When collecting things becomes uncontrollable and a property is overrun with excessive household items, our extreme cleaning service team is trained to tackle the situation.

Extreme hoarder cleaning services that give you back control

We work closely with insolvency companies, deceased estates, real estate agents and foreclosure agents in situations of messy tenants, hoarders or in the aftermath of bereavement. We can clear the clutter, dispose of hoarder rubbish and then set about deep cleaning the property.

Our cleaners are trained to deal with situations sensitively and with understanding.

  • Clear the clutter
  • Dispose of hoarder rubbish
  • Deep cleaning the property

When an ordinary clean won’t cut it, ask us about our extreme cleaning services.

All your cleaning solutions from one provider

Don’t be burdened by the inconvenience of managing multiple contractors for individual services – talk to one company for all your cleaning needs.

Choose CFMS as your preferred cleaning contractor and enjoy the benefits of a personal point of contact. That’s how we build trust with our clients – and it makes for greater efficiency!

Arrange to speak to our team about a tailored cleaning solution to meet all your needs

Combine our services for a complete cleaning experience

Combine our services together for an affordable, all-inclusive integrated solution that takes care of all your needs and will leave your environment sparkling clean.

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